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Children's Programs

The Children's Art Center
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*items needed are not limited to what is listed but instead a generalization to give donors an idea of the programs' most basic, physical needs.
Children's Programs
The following programs will be available within 9 months of funding.
All programs will be age appropriate, with each child's safety, enjoyment and education in mind.
Since the children we target are very low to moderate income CAC will need to provide nutritous snacks, beverages and project materials.
Everyone is an ARTIST!
A tri-weekly program for ages 5-12 that includes tapping the artist within every children through a variety of mediums. Learning the basics of painting, ceramics, sewing, and bead work will highlight
this session in a nuturing, diversity-celebrating atmosphere.
Children will be introduced to the multitude of American artists from
African-American, Asian-American, Caucasian-American, Native-American, South American (Hispanic/Latin), as well as Indian-American artists who have contributed to our rich culture.
Materials needed:
non-toxic clay
non-toxic glaze
stretched canvas
heavy paper
colored pencils
11 sewing machines
scrap material
scissors (safety and adult)
machine needles
hand needles
Act Out!
A fun and creative outlet where children would be
encouraged to recreate short plays and skits as well
as use their vivid imaginations to create stories and
poetry in motion, make and decorate stage settings
and most importantly express themselves through
comedy, music and drama.
For ages 7-16; to be held bi-weekly.
Materials needed:
stage props
children's costumes
audio/visual equipment
story books (age appropriate)
poetry books (age appropriate)
11 PCs with, DVD editing and media capability
script writing software
dreamweaver software
popular music (age appropriate and non-graphic)
Burn, Baby, Burn
Healthy, yummy easy to follow basic cooking and baking lessons for kids taught by sucessful, loving
bakery and restaurant owners. This fun, insightful
class will teach children ways to safely and effectively
prepared cooked and raw food items for themselves
using low cost, easily accessible foods. The children
will also be taught smart shopping techniques, how to
grow their own herbs and veggies, kitchen hygiene and safety measures and proper food storage.
For ages 5-12 one day each week and ages 13-16
Materials needed:
paper products
safety cutlery
pot holders
kitchen towels
cleaning products
gardening pots
gardening and cultivation equipment
compost bins
non perishable food items
Children attending any CAC programs will need to be qualified and enrolled by a parent or legal guardian prior to attendance.

To house these programs, a building with two class spaces with a 30 persons or larger maximum capacity, a commercial kitchen with two sinks and two stoves with ovens, child-accessible shelving and refridgerator, an adjoining workspace for office use and reception, and at least two bathrooms would be needed. All of which would meet OSHA's standards for a children's activities program and a business office in use.