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Children's Programs and Community Services
The Children's Art Center
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We can all do something to reverse GLOBAL WARMING.
The Children's Art Center is diligently working to educate
children and young adults about caring for our planet.
What we throw away, can be used for storage, for recycle,
even for ART.
GREEN PLANT-IT! is the offspring of the Children's Art Center's
program which teaches youth to respect and love their
environment by treating every square inch of it with a positive
From raising a garden, to organizing a recycling pickup program
for fundraising purposes, to campaigning to implement Spare-the-Air
days in our local public schools and offices, the possibilities
to heal Mother Earth are limitless.
Support the Children's Art Center and help our world to become
The Board of Directors will continue our campaign for federal/corporate support and a place where ALL disadvantaged children can learn the Fine Arts in a place they can call home. There are  so many communities in need of a better quality of artistic education and the B.O.D. would like to see an Art Center in every neighborhood in distress to combat the oppression of poverty and lack of knowledge.
These children need us and we would love to be there for them.
We would like to thank everyone who assisted us thus far with all of our endeavors and the Oroville Music Festival 2007, without your help
and encouragement we would not still be at work on our goal of
serving the children in need and their families.

Community Services
Our community is in dire need of support and 
help due to drug abuse, intolerance and 
the growing number of families in crisis.
Because of this, The Children's Art Center 
would like to offer free community services such as:
  • Children of Color/ESL Children in Public School Advocacy
  • Drug Counseling Referrals
  • Family Planning Referrals  
  • Teen and Children in Crisis Advocacy and Referrals
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Advocacy